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World Of Women hires Shannon Snow, its new Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Top NFT collectibles, World Of Women has hired Shannon Snow as its new Chief Operating Officer (COO). Shannon boasts a wealth of experience in the tech field and has previously worked with Google and Meta. World of Women’s founder, Yam Karkai, took to Twitter on Saturday, May 14, to announce the big news.Shannon Snow is…

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World leaders congratulate Ukraine for winning Eurovision Song Contest 2022

Kalush Orchestra from Ukraine celebrates onstage, together with presenters Alessandro Cattelan, Laura Pausini, and Mika, after winning the 66th annual Eurovision Song Contest (ESC 2022) in Turin, Italy, on Saturday. Photo by Alessandro Di Marco/EPA-EFE May 14 (UPI) — World leaders have congratulated Ukraine for winning the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, the third time the…

Without world

A World Without iPods

Wow, my 401(k) is really taking a beating. Glad I put all that money into Bitcoin! Uhhhhh …The Plain ViewWeeks after introducing the iPhone in January 2007, Steve Jobs visited New York City to show his creation to top editors at a couple of publications. I hosted him for a lunch at Newsweek, and my…

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13 World Famous Designers Everybody Knows By Name, But Would Hardly Recognize On the Street

Not all famous fashion designers are public people. Perhaps most of us have heard their names and even wear clothes with their famous label. However, few of us can imagine what Calvin Klein or Tommy Hilfiger look like.We at Bright Side found photos of the people hiding behind the names of labels from expensive boutiques. We totally admit that it was even hard for us…

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People all over the globe love and mourn nature in their own unique ways

The message of spending time in nature to elevate our mental health pops up everywhere: self care books, blogs, and even on some of the most authoritative medical websites. But like so much data, the information we have on nature’s role in human well-being is incomplete. New research out last week in the journal Current…

Critical world

The World Green Energy Symposium Premier Program of Top Experts and Jam Packed Agenda on Critical Issues in Sustainability, Climate, Health, Cyber, was Successfully held April 13th 2022

    WASHINGTON, DC, May 01, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — The World Green Energy Symposium (WGES) was a great success, according to the WGES Council more than 1000 people signed up to attend the event. This is the 11th year of the Symposium, which is renowned for its top echelon of presenters which did not disappoint in communicating…

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Xiye Bastida, Shiv Soin and Latif Nasser

Investing in green energy, holding large corporations accountable for their pollution, stopping pipeline and oil extraction initiatives — these are non-negotiable actions to protect the planet, but they are still just the bare minimum, say climate activists Xiye Bastida and Shiv Soin. In conversation with

prevent world

Can we stop World War III? History of diplomacy and deterrence

Home References (Image credit: Getty Images) To prevent the outbreak of World War III, which could involve the use of nuclear weapons, the world’s superpowers have developed a system of diplomacy and deterrence. Despite this, since 1945 several crises have brought the U.S. and the Soviet Union (now the Russian Federation) close to a third…

Needs world

The World Needs to Pay Attention to Russia’s Growing Influence in Africa

In 2018, contestants lined up in Bangui stadium to vie for the title of Miss Central African Republic (CAR). As they paraded, a new power on the regional stage was also doing its best to woo onlookers. With walls adorned in Russian flags, the Kremlin’s sponsoring of the CAR’s first beauty pageant in three years…