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Cloud technology helps corporations reach carbon neutrality

The past two years of pandemic-related challenges have accelerated the adoption of cloud across industry at an unprecedented rate. This increased investment in cloud can serve to reinvigorate sustainability goals and provide the ability to measure the impact of an investment. The consequences of climate change are no longer theoretical, and corporate leaders are taking…

The adoption of cloud technologies across the industry has increased at an unprecedented pace over the past two years due to pandemic-related issues. This increase in cloud investment can help to revitalise sustainability goals and allow for the measurement of the impact of an investment. Corporate leaders recognize that climate change is not a theoretical issue and are taking action to address it. Although many companies agree that climate change is a serious problem, it can be difficult to find a way to neutralize the chaos.

MIT Technology Review recently sat down with experts from Infosys and Microsoft–Corey Glickman, partner and global head of sustainability and design consulting services at technology giant Infosys, and Matt Hellman, the US sustainability strategy leader at Microsoft–to discuss mandates, tools, timelines, and more from their journeys to achieve carb

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