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Martine Rose Spring 2022 Menswear

“I saw a video about Bob Fosse, and what really struck me was how many older men he had dancing, and how that looked really sexy and cool. Balding men as the sort of romantic lead—I loved it. And I thought, isn’t that funny? We’re used to seeing all different types of people leading fashion…

I saw a video of Bob Fosse and what struck me the most was how many older men were dancing and how cool that made him look. Balding men is the perfect romantic lead. It was funny, I thought. We are used to seeing many different types of fashion models on catwalks. But we haven’t seen old, balder men. So I decided to put them at the center and front.”

That’s the thought that set Martine Rose on her typically affirmative-slash-subversive path to making a lookbook and video for her fall 2022 collection: the idea of getting a group of older guys together, to dance. It was amazing to watch them dance. The youthfulness that came out of them was relaxed and unpretentious. She said it was great fun. “Because when you are younger and see aging from a distance you think you will grow up, but you actually feel different. Then you begin to grow up and realize that you don’t really change. You still want to do those things you still love!”

These guys had the moves alright. Rose brought in three women photographers–Sharna Osbourne, Rosie Marks, and Camille Vivier–to get the party started on a set which involved a turntable, a treadmill, and a chopped-up car hulk. “We were thinking of a time when those sorts of men in the ’60s would be in adverts for cars, watches, and bo

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