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Only group of evangelicals to say that marriage and children should be a priority: Poll

A majority of Americans in a new survey reject the idea that society is better off if marriage and procreation are prioritized. However, white evangelicals – who often hold more traditional views on the issue – think just the opposite.The Pew Research Center survey found that only 34 percent of U.S. adults believe society is better…

A majority of Americans reject the notion that marriage and procreation make society better. White evangelicals, who tend to hold traditional views on the matter, believe the contrary.

The Pew Research Center survey showed that only 34% of Americans believe society is more successful if they make having children and marriage a priority. 64 percent think society is just as well off if there are other priorities than children and marriage. “

However, 56% of white evangelicals believe society is better off if marriage and procreation are prioritized while 41% think other priorities are okay.

White Protestants are the only religious group that supports the segment on marriage and procreation. All three groups (Catholics (35 per cent, black Protestants (36 percent, and non-evangelical white Protestants (35 percentage) are included in the 40% for that particular answer.

Among the religiously unaffiliated, 16 percent say society is better off with people prioritizing marriage and childrearing, while 82 percent believe society is just as well off with other priorities.

” These patterns also extend to religious observance measures, according to Stephanie Kramer of Pew. “For instance, high-religious people are those who believe religion is very important and who regularly attend religious services. They are more likely than Americans who think religion is less important or who attend less religious services to agree that society will be better off if they prioritize marriage and procreation. “

The poll also revealed a significant political divide: Republicans (50 percent)

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